Level 1 Statistics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Dr D. Muck

The content of the course is based around four internal standards: Number, Measurement, Bivariate Data and Linear Algebra. Additionally, Algebraic procedures (MCAT) and Chance and Data are part of the course. Students who enter this course have will have not completed any or some internal Achievement Standards in Year 10 or are recommended by their teacher to be in this course.

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Statistics


For each lesson, every student is expected to bring to class their exercise book, pencil, blue or black biro, red biro, scientific calculator, ruler and pencil. No borrowing of equipment is allowed during assessments. All work must be done in blue or black biro, except graphs and diagrams which can be done in pencil as these are the NZQA regulations. Red biro can be used for marking.

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