Performing Arts


Music is a unique way of organising and making sense of sound. It is a way of knowing that influences how we see the world, express our views of the world, and come to know the world.

In music, emotion, intellect, and imagination are articulated through sound. Music allows us to express our feelings and ideas about ourselves and our place in the world. It can directly evoke emotional responses and capture the elusive essence of who and what we are.

Music encompasses a wide range of sounds, from natural and found sounds through to those generated by conventional musical instruments and electronic technologies. We organise these sounds by manipulating pitch, rhythm, dynamics, harmony, timbre, texture, and form to develop musical ideas and create musical works.

Music is a fundamental form of both personal and cultural expression. As social and historical texts, musical works use a range of traditional and alternative signs and symbols, both heard and seen. Through music, we can appreciate and understand our diverse New Zealand heritage as well as that of other cultures.

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