Year 10 English Language Learning

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms L. Lorenzen

The course aims to ensure that all students:
• gain competence in English across the four skills: reading, writing, speaking, listening;
• have a course of study that best suits their needs;
• are encouraged and assisted to become familiar with New Zealand culture;
• develop a love of reading for pleasure
• improve their vocabulary range

Over four lessons per week students will work on strengthening reading, writing, speaking and listening. Studied texts may be linked to mainstream core subjects such as English or Social Studies. Students are mainstreamed in content classes and other options as appropriate. Information Technology will be used to enable students to work independently at times.


2 x 1B5 exercise books
1 351 Notebook for vocabulary
glue stick

Recommended Prior Learning

This course is designed for students for whom English a Second Language.