Level 3 Geography

Selection for courses will open on September 6th , 2021. In the meantime, visit the Learning Area pages to get indepth information about courses available to you.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: S. Pats 1

•Demonstrates geographic understanding of interacting natural processes.
•Understands how sustainability applies to our environment.
•Uses geographic ideas, concepts and skills in class.
•Identifies natural and cultural features and how they interact.
•Understands how a cultural process operates.
•Understands different perceptions of places and projects

Carries out research  in a natural environment and comes to conclusions.

Can explain strengths and weaknesses of the research.

This class is available at St Patrick's College.

Course Overview

Term 1
Research on area chosen measuring waves and wind
Study of area eg Kapiti coast

Term 2
Global study chosen by students and teacher.
external on an area of NZ ie kapiti or Wairarapa or Taranaki

Term 3
Contemporary issue chosen by what is current in local area.

Term 4
Examination skills and practice.

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 2 Geography (achieved in at least one external and one internal paper or similar in English or History, or with the permission of the HoD.


Trip to Kapiti Coast or Wairarapa, 2 separate days ($50 approx.)
1 x 2B8 hardcover books
3 x A3 scrapbooks

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