Year 9 Music

Selection for courses will open on September 6th , 2021. In the meantime, visit the Learning Area pages to get indepth information about courses available to you.

Course Description

All Year 9 students get to participate in a ten week taster of Music. In that time they get to learn new skills on keyboards, guitar and drums. They also learn some music history, including Nga Taonga PÅ«oro. Students undertake personal interest studies and compose music using a looping programme. The year 9 programme gives students the chance to see if they would like to continue studying Music.Students can choose to take extra-curricular itinerant music lessons while in Year 9 with a specialist instrumental teacher. Options include voice, violin, cello, piano, guitar, flute, saxophone, clarinet, bass guitar and drums. 

On completing this course students should be able to:
•Identify and categorise orchestral instruments visually and aurally
•Perform as a soloist and in a group
•Compose individually and in groups
•Recognise and use basic theory techniques
•Understand musical style
•Write down simple rhythms, melodies and chord progressions

Standards Achievement
• Performance-as a soloist and in a group
•Composition -rhythmic composition and melodic composition
•Theory -Read and write simple music
•Aural-listening skills
•Musical Knowledge - various topics

•Written Assignments

Recommended Prior Learning

Open Entry


Optional fees
$60 per term for Instrumental/vocal tuition fees
$30 per term for instrument hireage (where applicable)


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