Level 2 English

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. Ryan

Recommended Prior Learning

A minimum of 12 credits in NCEA English Level 1 (either EN101 or EN102), with Achieved in one external assessment and either AS90052 (1.4) or AS90053 (1.5), or both,
or with the approval of the HoD.

On completing this course students should be able to:
•Work effectively in co-operative and individual activities;
•Enjoy and analyse a range of literature;
•Analyse formal/informal, written and spoken language registers;
•Write in expressive, poetic and transactional style;

• Achieve University Entrance Literacy (5 credits of reading and 5 credits of writing)

These objectives cover the range of objectives of English in the New Zealand Curriculum
Assessment of reading and writing is an ongoing process, with the portfolio collection of written work for ALL students for AS2.4 (6 credits) and SIX reading responses for AS2.9 (4 credits) during the first three terms. Students will gather material, for which they will receive feedback, throughout Terms 1, 2, and 3, and will submit final work for assessment at the end of Term Three.

Students will be given some choice to undertake other internally assessed Achievement Standards, according to their particular strengths and preferences. These will be chosen from:

AS2.5 - Construct and deliver a crafted and controlled oral presentation (3 credits)

AS2.6 - Create a crafted and controlled visual and verbal text (3 credits)

AS2.7 - Analyse significant connections across texts, supported by evidence (4 credits)

AS2.8 - Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusion(s) (4 credits)

AS2.10 - Analyse aspects of visual and/or oral texts, through close viewing and/or listening, supported by evidence (3 credits)

Students will also be given some choice over texts that they may wish to study.

Success in this course requires students to be able to manage their work independently (with guidance)

Course Overview

Term 3
Week 1: Writing Portfolios
Complete Writing Portfolio - edit and publish final submission via Turnitin for Writing Log AS2.4 end of Week One.
Submit final two pieces of writing through Turnitin for Writing Portfolio AS2.4 by Monday, July 27th

Learning Areas:



Level 3 English

Almost ALL Level 2 English students will take EN202, which will be taught bt two teachers at the same time.