Level 2 Sociology

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Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms B. Wood

Sociology is focused on studying social behaviours and societies. Year 12 Sociology continues to engage you with controversial and contested issues. We will examine societal constructs and conflicts surrounding tradition and social media as well as investigate topical current events centered around indigenous rights and struggles. We will analyse a variety of human relationships and examine societal responses to events and issues. This course will develop your ability to construct an argument and support your position, to research, investigate and to examine social action. This is a fully internally assessed course.  ssessment: This course will be internally-assessed. Pre-requisites: nil Leads to: Year 13 Sociology, History

Course Overview

Term 1
Indigenous‌ ‌Rights & Struggles: We will be exploring a range of issues related to the rights of indigenous people and the leaders around the world who are fighting to have these honoured. We will discuss the responsibilities of nations, communities and individuals to uphold these and what responses they are met with. There is an internal assessment associated with this unit of work that will allow you to take action, as the people and groups in our case studies are.

Term 2
Challenging Tradition: This unit will explore three contemporary social issues and unpacking the conflict that can occur when ‘traditional’ views and values are challenged. There is an internal assessment associated with this unit of work.

Term 3
Down the Rabbit Hole: In this unit we will examine the relationship between social media and politics. We will explore radical conspiracy theories, the rise of the right wing extremism, and the impact this is having on communities and society as a whole. There is an internal assessment associated with this unit of work based on social campaigns and action.


Own laptop and ear buds or exercise book


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