Level 1 Sociology

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Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms B. Wood

Sociology is focused on studying social behaviours and societies. You will examine how our society functions both within and beyond Aotearoa and explore your place in it through discussion and action. In this course we will analyse a variety of current social issues, activism and intersectionality, as well as how we use animals in our society. We will explore a variety of human relationships and societal responses to events and issues with our key concepts of human rights and social justice. This course will develop your ability to construct an argument and support your position, to research and investigate, engage in meaningful social action and to identify different views, values and perspectives. Assessment: This course will primarily be internally-assessed with an optional external. Pre-requisites: Nil Leads to: Year 12 Sociology, History, Geography and Tourism

Course Overview

Term 1
Term 1: Animals in society
Assessment: Social Inquiry (4 credits)

Term 2
Term 2: Social Issues
Assessment: Personal Involvement in a Social Action (4 credits)

Term 3
Term 3: Intersectionality
Assessment: Social Campaign and perspectives (4 credits)

Term 4
Term 4: Wellness
optional Art History or Health internal (4 credits)


Own laptop and ear buds or exercise book


Career Pathways

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