Year 9 English

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Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. Ryan

On completing this course students should be able to:
• Read, understand and respond to a variety of literature and visual media
• Write with accuracy (with ability to self-correct) in a range of formal and informal modes
• Speak with confidence before small groups, and communicate an effective and clear message
• Create and respond to both the surface and deeper meanings of a range of spoken language
• Present a role in dramatic work
• Understand and put into effect basic rules of visual language
• Work independently and in co-operative groups

This course follows the National Curriculum in English.

This course is adapted to the needs and talents of the particular student. As far as possible students are given extension, or particular assistance, as individual needs dictate. A literacy support programme operates, and students may opt to take Extra English in place of a second language option;
• Students read a variety of literature and study elementary literary techniques in the novel, drama and poetry
• Students undertake close reading exercises
• Students write in a variety of genres: paragraphs, short story, poetry, an introduction to formal essay
• Students study the conventions of English language
• Students give a formal speech and take part in a debate
• Students investigate and respond to the ideas and underlying messages of speeches and other oral
• Students investigate means of effective visual communication and practise effective visual
communication, (e.g. in posters) (this may possibly include video production, and should include
some word processing)

Course Overview

Term 1
Theme: Inspiration, Leadership and Care for the Poor and Vulnerable
Diary writing (and reading), creative writing, poetry, asTTle tests, speeches

Term 2
Theme: Conflict and Care for the Poor and Vulnerable
Close novel study, literary essay responses,

Term 3
Theme: Being resilient
Film study, formal writing, persuasive writing, independent reading

Term 4
Theme: the New Zealand “story” and Dignity
Short stories, asTTle tests, examination (Week 4), Williams’ Shield


own laptop or tablet
$10 contribution to online learning programmes
2 x 1B5 Excericse books

Recommended Prior Learning

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