Year 10 Religious Education

Selection for courses will open on September 6th , 2021. In the meantime, visit the Learning Area pages to get indepth information about courses available to you.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs I. De Vos

On completing this course students should be able to:
•develop knowledge and understanding of the mystery of God and of Jesus Christ, of
the Church and of the central beliefs which Catholics hold;
•develop awareness and appreciation of Catholic belief, understanding of its impact
on personal and social behaviour and of the vital relationship between faith and
life, life and faith;
•encourage study, investigation and reflection by the pupils;
•develop appropriate skills: for example, ability to listen; to think critically, spiritually,
ethically and theologically; to acquire knowledge and organise it effectively; to make
informed judgements;
•foster appropriate attitudes: for example, respect for truth; respect for the views
of others; awareness of the spiritual, of moral responsibility of the demands
of religious commitment in everyday life and especially the challenge of living in a
multicultural, multi-faith society.

The  course will be selected from these topics:
-Discovering our identity-Inspiring Men and Women
-Journey Stories-Sinfulness and Reconciliation
-The meaning and significance of Eucharist-The Teachings of Jesus
-The Church’s story: The Middle Ages-Expressions of Catholic Life

Students are assessed in a variety of ways:
Evaluation exercises, tests, assignments, research projects, exams, visual and
audiovisual displays and class participation.

Recommended Prior Learning

Previous study in Year 9


$6.00 Religious Studies Levy (donation)
Laptop or tablet
2 X 1B5 exercise books/ coloured pencils/ glue stick

Career Pathways

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