Year 10 Mathematics

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Course Description

This course is intended for students at all levels of knowledge of basic mathematical skills and concepts. We expect them to engage in mathematics and thereby become critical thinkers and develop an aptitude for this subject. Students will be exposed to different methods of solving problems in context and we will give them the opportunity to check their learning against NCEA Internal Achievement Standard Exams. By giving your daughter the opportunity to show her mastery of these topics she will develop the self-confidence necessary to achieve at the best of her ability when encountering the External and Internal Achievement Standards next year. Any credits gained this year will be credited towards her progress next year.
Students will be offered the opportunity to develop knowledge of mathematics at level 6 of the New Zealand Curriculum with a strong background in level 5. This will give our students the ability to choose from different methods when solving a problem. The grade awarded when applying their knowledge will be affected by the level of thinking applied in solving the problem. Guess-and-check methods are unlikely to show the required thinking beyond possibly Achievement, and the opportunity to use this as evidence will be limited within any assessment. In line with the NCEA requirements, we expect our students to demonstrate an understanding of the mathematical concepts, rather than a mechanical approach. Correct answers only will not be sufficient for showing evidence of the level of thinking required in the exam and is also not sufficient according to the NCEA requirements. To demonstrate good mathematical practice, students need to show intermediate steps in a logical manner and clearly communicate what is being calculated. This has been and we will continue to encourage it in your daughter’s mathematics education

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 9 Meathematics


For each lesson, every student is expected to bring to class their exercise book, pencil, blue or black biro, red biro, scientific calculator (not used in the Algebra topics), compass, protractor, ruler and pencil. No borrowing of equipment is allowed during assessments. All work must be done in blue or black biro, except graphs and diagrams which can be done in pencil as these are the NZQA regulations. Red biro can be used for marking.
A fee of $25 to purchase a write-on homework book.

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